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May 27, 2016

4 Best Locations for Short Terms Rentals in NYC

Beautiful, spacious and without the commitment of a yearly lease, NYC short term rentals are able to provide you with all the benefits of living in the big city. When staying in a short term lease, you never need to worry about long term commitments, intimidating deposits, or finding a guarantor. You can rent by the day, week or month with any NYC short term rental, and have the freedom to move where and when you’d like.

Four specific neighborhoods provide a wide range of short term furnished rentals in NYC for affordable prices:

East Village

The East Village is home to the artists, and many young creative energies. Short term rentals are great in this area because the East Village is super close to Union Square, and there are a lot of dive bars on the Lower East Side – all within walking distance from the available apartments. There is a lot of grit and grunge in the area for those looking for a more upbeat part of the city to stay in an apartment. There are plenty of apartments with short term leases, and you can pay month by month during your stay.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is the home of residential life. Most short term rentals in this neighborhood cater to families that are in between moving and would like a clean, residential area to lease short term. Most areas on the Upper East Side are quiet at night, so head you’ll need to head downtown for the party scene. Highly sought after by many, the rates are affordable for anyone looking for a change and search for their next long term home.


Located on the West Side of Manhattan, Chelsea provides rich history. It is the heart of all nightlife where one would find many of the latest and greatest parties. Recommended for the 20’s and 30’s crowd, the short term leases in Chelsea provide an affordable way to stay and play until it is time to settle down.

Midtown West

Also known as Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West provides affordable accommodations for those who want to experience the performance area of New York City. Home to Broadway, where many of the performers live and work, you’re able to find a diverse crowd of hip and wacky people all staying within one area.

Remember, the further West you go, the cheaper the apartments get. With many apartments in this neighborhood offering short term leases in NYC, attractive prices welcome you for the short period of time you’ll be staying.

Whether searching for something long, or short term, NYC is a brilliant place to hang your coat and call it home. NYC short term rentals can provide you with a way to sample each of the neighborhoods throughout the city without having to stay for too long.

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