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September 7, 2017

5 Questions You Should Be Asking When Renting a Luxury Apartment

Even when you think are satisfied with the luxury apartment for rent you have been looking for, there are a few things that must be asked before signing the dotted line. Regardless of whether you are satisfied by the amenities that range from luxury experiences to standard incentives, these are the questions you should be asking when renting a luxury apartment.

How Convenient is the Location?

Your location should be a priority. Landlords and management organizations usually make up for a cumbersome area, but it’s something you need to ask about first.

For example, if you are three long avenues from the closest metro line, you should check that your luxury apartment offers enhancements and services for dealing with this (e.g. a shuttle to the station). Even then, it’s important to check out the location before signing your lease. A big question to ask if the location is not ideal is if using the amenities frequently enough is worth the inconvenience of the transport.

Is the Apartment Tech-enabled?

Many management companies are allowing the residents to submit maintenance requests virtually if anything happens. Tenants can also send instructions to doormen at any time of the day or night through a similar digital process. Additionally, these companies also email you when packages have been delivered.

All of these offer incredible convenience. It is recommended for you to look out if the luxury building you are willing to spend on is using this method. Or are they still using sticky notes to track packages?


How’s the Cellular Service?

While renting those sky-high luxury apartments, you should inquire about the cell service. Address the question to the landlord or management company. Also test it out yourself when you see the apartment.

If the service is poor, some buildings offer the technology through which cellular base stations connect calls via a broadband network. However, it can come at an additional cost. You should ask if there’s a charge at all, and if so how much it is.

Are Pets Allowed?

Many luxury apartments and buildings allow pets that are under 50 pounds. Apartments prohibit larger animals or those who might frighten other residents (there’s usually a list of breeds available for referencing).

There are other luxury apartment buildings that might not allow you to keep a pet or charge extra for this ability. Most luxury apartments abide by a policy of being pet-friendly, but it is better to confirm before signing the lease.

Are Credit Cards Accepted?

One of the most important questions include if credit cards are accepted for rent payment. Many buildings owned by national REITs accept plastic for payment. However, it’s important to confirm and see if there is an additional “convenience fee” attached for using credit card. You should ask this question to the landlords before starting the lease of your luxury apartment to avoid problems in the future related to rent.   

Asking the right questions before signing the lease on your luxury apartment can make all the difference. When you’re spending this much on rent, you don’t want to be undone by something as simple as not being able to have your dog in the apartment with you. Finding the right luxury apartment is the first step in the process. Short Term Rentals NYC is here to help. Search by neighborhood, amenities, and more to find the right place for you. Then you can start asking the tough questions above.

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