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June 8, 2017

5 Things To Do in A Day in Brooklyn

The New York City borough of Brooklyn has some of the best NYC destinations to offer. Any inhabitant of the borough can give you a list of reasons why Brooklyn is a must-visit area if you’re planning to spend a day in NYC. It’s also a great place for a short term vacation rental so you can stay right in the center of the action.

With some of the best pizzerias, a buzzing flea market, and idyllic parks, tourists can easily spend a memorable day here. Although it’s tough to choose from the many attractions Brooklyn has to offer on a vacation in NYC, here are the five best things to do in a day.

Take a Stroll Through the Park

Arguably one of the best parks of NYC, Prospect Park is known for its lush, scenic beauty. The last forest of Brooklyn, Ravine, can be found here, and the Long Meadow that features large open spaces of grass. Even better, the Summer season brings along with it colorful festivals held right in the park. An ideal place for family friendly activities all year long, Prospect Park should be at the top of your list of things to do in Brooklyn.

Bring Out Your Inner Shopaholic

Perhaps one of the most renowned destinations of Brooklyn is its giant flea market. The Brooklyn Flea offers affordable, vintage products, and a variety of vendor food. The market is always changing, with new vendors coming in every week.

Get Into Adventure Mode

Coney Island, the beach-cum-amusement park, is a perfect place to visit for everyone, especially more adventurous individuals. The rides in Coney Island are spectacular to say the least. The Cyclone, a historic wooden roller-coaster, is something visitors have to try. Apart from the rides, you can also relax on the beach or treat yourself to one of the hot-dog stands nearby.

Gaze at the City Lights

Brooklyn Heights stands atop the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Gaze at the city lights down below and be mesmerized at the sight. From here, you can view the busy streets of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. This place is also ideal to take your NYC vacation photos.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a cornerstone attraction of not only Brooklyn, but also the entire New York City region. Taking a walk across its 1,600-foot span with your family will only make the attraction better. From the bridge, you can view the Statue Of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, and more iconic NYC landmarks.

Although the aforementioned list is an abbreviated version of what to do in a day in Brooklyn, there is plenty more this borough has to offer. When you rent a vacation rental here, you can check out the Brooklyn Museum, the live music scenes, and so much more!

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