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July 27, 2017

6 DIY Ways to Make Moving Easier

Let’s say you just found your first apartment. You’ve never undergone the process of moving in a city from one place to another, and don’t know what to expect. Even if you’ve been through the moving process before, you probably know what a challenge it can be.

From spending hundreds of dollars on professional moving companies to making sure everything goes the way you want it to be – shifting apartments is not an easy job. Unless you’re able to find a fully-furnished rental, moving all of your life into a new place can be a difficult task.

Luckily, you don’t always have to splurge your savings on professionals to get the job done. If you’ve got a bunch of friends around to help you through the process and some basic organization skills, you can move into your new apartment in a much cheaper way. Since you’ve already done the hard part of searching for an apartment and signing a lease, here are 7 DIY ways to make moving easier for you.

Make a Schedule:

Even if you’re not hiring professionals, you still need to get your schedule sorted out for a proper moving plan. Some landowners might not allow you move during the weekends, while other times moving trucks might not be available for renting out. Coordinate among the different parties involved, including whoever is assisting you.

Collect Affordable Packing Supplies:

Don’t fall for the expensive boxes moving companies might try to lure you into buying. Instead, head on to your nearest grocery store and collect any recycling material you can find. You can also buy cardboard boxes to store your items in; they’re cheap and easy to unpack. You’re already going to be paying rent on a new apartment; why add to the costs of it all with luxurious packing materials?


Make a Bag Dedicated for Essentials:

You probably won’t have all of your stuff in your new apartment in one day, even if you’re going the DIY way (unless, again, you sublet a fully-furnished rental). To make sure you have everything you need (like your toiletries, mobile phone, laptop etc.) with you on your first night at the new apartment, pack a dedicated bag for essentials.

Don’t Splurge on Bubble Wrap:

Sure, bubble wrap can be tempting, but it’s also an expensive packing item. Instead, it’s a good idea to store your fragile items and crockery in soft clothes, towels, or newspapers instead. Pro tip: Make sure you wrap your plates individually and then stack them vertically to prevent any breakage.

Use Zip Lock Bags:

Zip Lock sandwich bags are great to store easy-to-lose items. These include nuts, bolts and even your jewelry.

Label Your Boxes:

Unpacking in your new apartment can be an even more mammoth task if you don’t remember what you packed in which box. Make sure to label every box you pack along the way to make moving a breeze.

Whether it’s your first time moving or you’ve been around the block many times, there’s always a way to make moving easier through DIY strategies. If you want to make moving truly hassle-free, you can rent a fully-furnished apartment. Short Term Rentals NYC has an expansive inventory of fully-furnished rentals that let you completely forget about the headaches of moving.

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