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November 23, 2017

The 7 Best Websites to Find the Perfect Roommate

One of the things that can ruin your picture-perfect NYC apartment is a bad roommate. Maybe he snores too loud, or she leaves her unwashed plate on the sink every single time. Or maybe they even stays up way past your bedtime with loud music that can bring out the cranky, sleep-deprived person within you. If you’ve got the budget, then maybe you can get an NYC co-op rental all to yourself without having to worry about personalities that don’t quite fit yours. But then let’s face it, having a roommate can help cut your expenses a lot more than you think. Besides, having someone else to share the NYC apartment rental with can also be a lot of fun, as long as he or she is the right one. Check out the following websites in order to find a roommate that’s perfect for you!

1. Diggz

Just like many of the most popular dating apps available, Diggz works the same way but for roommates. Swipe through the profiles of potential roomies that match your account, personality-wise. It’s all accomplished through their proprietary algorithm that shows you the potential best matches.

2. Rainbow Roommates

If you’re a member of the LGBT community, then Rainbow Roommates is perfect for you! This website limits your search to other members of the LGBT community. They are the “leader in lesbian and gay roommate services” so you know you’re in good hands. They have a wide database of listings that only continues to grow to help you find a roommate in NYC more easily.

3. Roomi

This mobile app connects roommates on a deeper level than ever before. You can chat with them directly, set specific preferences and interests, and decide your roommate deal-breakers. These are all crucial pieces of the puzzle when living with a roommate.

find a roommate

By connecting profiles to Facebook, you can see even more about a potential roommate. Additionally, the site screens each user to make sure they are in fact a real person you could actually live with in an NYC apartment rental.

4. RoomieMatch

Unlike other match-making websites for roommates, RoomieMatch makes sure all the other profiles registered in the website are legitimate. They’re careful screening process is also the safest. They’ll email you when you have a roommate match instead of letting you know on the site itself. There’s also a detailed questionnaire to make sure your matches are as good as they can be.

5. Roomster

Be a part of the “world’s largest social network for roommates, rooms, apartments, flats, rentals, and sublets”. Roomster refreshes their listings every 30 days so you’ll never come across something too stale to share with your roommate. They even have a Social Connect feature to reach your potential roommate directly before committing.

6. RoomZoom

Room Zoom is another website that uses a trusted algorithm to find the best potential roommate for you. You can filter by your situation: finding a roommate who has an apartment already or  finding a roommate and an NYC apartment. They screen landlords for NYC apartment rentals before listing them, which is an added security bonus to this website.

7. Symbi

There are three search options on Symbi: a roommate looking for a roommate, a person looking for an apartment with an open bedroom, or a person looking for a roommate to move into their own apartment that has an extra bedroom. Each user is verified so you can feel assured that whatever you’re looking for, the person is legitimate. Additionally, Symbi offers filters to match roommates to one another on deeper levels than just what living situation they’re looking for.

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