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May 27, 2016

Are Short Term Rentals Legal?

Short term housing in NYC is a great way to go about renting an apartment to someone who is looking for a place for only a few months. However, there are legalities to providing a short term rental to renters in the area. There are rules and restrictions, as with long term rentals, that the landlord has to abide by in order for the agreement to be valid.

Legalities for Short Term Rentals

New York short term laws are pretty clear on what is to be expected of the tenant and the landlord. The biggest law that has to be followed is the fact that the person, or family, must live within the dwelling as their primary residence for at least 30 days. This means that the landlord is able to provide short term rentals in NYC for a month or more without having a maximum amount of time.

It is also not illegal for the occupant to rent a room to someone else while they are occupying the other room. However, this should be discussed with the landlord.

The landlord also has to follow strict rental guidelines to ensure that the apartment is up to code prior to renting it. This includes having fire exits, safety features, and having it zoned and approved through the city officials.

Short Term Rentals Come with Community Benefits

Temporary housing in NYC can increase the community revenue as a whole. Regardless to whether the rentals are for one month or three months, they can provide the community with a way to welcome visitors to the area. This stimulates the area with revenue, while also giving back to the community through the rental rates that they pay.

It is also a way for residents to test out new neighborhoods, or to work within an office setting outside of their usual one. Short term rentals have also been used by tenants that own and are renovating another home.
Finding short term housing in NYC can be easy to do, and can provide the occupant with many benefits. Visiting NYC for a longer period of time, such as 2 to 4 months may present you with multiple opportunities, but housing is essential. Short term rentals can help you find a place to stay during your visit, as you take in the city around you.

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