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July 13, 2017

Booking Your Luxury NYC Vacation Just Became Easier

For years, staying in a luxury apartment in NYC was a dream that only the most wealthy could afford. Not anymore, though. With the new mobile app, Recharge, a luxury NYC vacation is just a tap away for anyone.

What Recharge Does

With more digital rental search services popping up, it’s natural for an application like Recharge to surface that makes renting luxury apartments more accessible. The app, available for both Android and iPhone, lets users book four/five-star luxury stays. When it comes to price, the app charges by the minute of the duration of your stay. You don’t pay anything more than the time that you need.

The service is available in San Francisco where it first launched back in 2015, and has now extended to New York City. Up to 18 NYC Hotels are already on Recharge, with recently added luxury properties like the Arlo Hudson Square, The Quin, and The Pierre. The price per minute stay in luxury hotels NYC varies, but can range from $0.80 to $2 per minute, with an added 14.75% lodging tax. After a bit of mental math, you can decide if this makes your NYC luxury vacation affordable.


Perfect for A Quick Stay

Recharge is especially useful for short-term luxury stays in New York City. The service does not restrict its users to stay for a limited amount of time. While most users stay for an average of 2 hours with the Recharge service, some also choose to stay for over a day. For anything greater than one night, it’s most likely more affordable to use traditional booking methods.

The Future of Luxury Hotel Booking

The process of booking a luxury accommodation in NYC through Recharge is simple. Simply search for the luxury hotels available in NYC near your desired location in the app, and press the ‘book’ button that will also give you a travel time estimate. Once you reach the hotel, simply check in through the front desk and receive your room key. Similarly, once you check-out through the app, the hotel management is notified that the room is ready to be cleaned.

Currently the Recharge app is functioning only in NYC and San Francisco, but according to an interview with TechCrunch, the company plans to expand it to Los Angeles and London soon.

Recharge promises guests a luxury NYC vacation with a stay in one of the nicest hotels in the city. However, if you’d prefer a luxury apartment rental for a longer stay, look no further than Short Term Rentals. Our NYC real estate experts will help you find a short term apartment with every luxury amenity you desire.

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