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Doorman Buildings in NYC

January 2, 2018 by admin

“Doorman or no?” For as long as NYC apartment rentals have been a hot commodity, there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not it’s better to rent an apartment with a doorman or not. Some supporters say it’s nice to have someone manning the doors 24/7 and receiving parcels when you’re not around. However, others say it’s not worth the extra costs to rent and additional payments on top of that.  

Before tech was the newest luxury NYC apartment amenity, doorman apartment buildings in NYC used to be the signifier of high social status. Although it seems like people are still divided on the issue, here’s some information about doorman buildings in NYC that will help you decide on your own. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a co-op rental apartment in NYC or a three bedroom, considering whether you want a building with a doorman in NYC can be crucial when it comes to choosing the perfect place.

What to Expect From an NYC Doorman Building

Mans the door at all times.

From the name itself, it is the job of a doorman of an NYC apartment rental to stick close to the door at all times. Only in this way can they take note of who goes in and out of the building regardless of the time of day. Additionally, they’re needed at any time to open the door for the residents and their visitors, and to keep out anyone who is remotely suspicious or has no business at all to be in the NYC apartment building in the first place.

However, if there is a need to leave one’s post, they make sure that someone else takes their place so that the job is never left unattended.

Good demeanor in dealing with people.

Imagine entering your NYC doorman building’s lobby only for the doorman to make you feel like opening the door and running errands for you is such a heavy task. That frown is not exactly something you want to see first thing in the morning.

Obviously, you’d much rather see someone who opens the door for you with a smile on their face, together with a warm greeting to kick start your day. This is why doormen are almost always expected to be familiar with the residents and to treat them politely at all times.

doorman buildings in NYC

Ensures deliveries are secured.

If you’re one of the people who are stuck working almost every single day, then it also means you are incapable of skipping your job to stay at home and wait for an important package to arrive.

Well, that’s where renting in an NYC doorman building. Aside from opening doors and greeting people on a daily basis, the doorman is also tasked to receive your parcels or deliveries even while you’re away, and make sure that you receive them in perfect condition.

Able to understand and follow instructions.

Most doormen are strict when it comes to checking whoever gets in and out of the establishment, so it is important that you inform the doorman as to whether or not you’ll be having a visitor over so your friend doesn’t end up locked outside.    

But more than that, you can also report to the doorman the maintenance problems inside your apartment, like a leaking pipe or a broken sink. Then, he can forward your concern to the property owner or the manager so that it can be addressed as soon as possible.

Advantages of a Doorman Building in NYC

The service of a doorman is a luxury.

Not all hotels or apartments have a doorman to open doors for you and report inconveniences. This is why this, aside from the concierge service, is a sign of an NYC apartment building that provides good, full-service. That’s something that you should definitely value in your search for an NYC rental.

They receive parcels and deliveries for you.

Like mentioned earlier, if you’re at work or out with a friend and there is a delivery coming in today, you don’t have to come home early just to receive it yourself. Why? Because in an NYC apartment with a doorman, they can easily do that for you. Meanwhile, they also make sure you receive the parcel in perfect condition.

They keep strangers out and keep you safe.

The good thing about having a doorman who is familiar with the residents of the establishment is that they know who should and shouldn’t be there. In a city with such a high population and a risk of crime, you can easily stray away from danger if you stay in a place that is safe and secure. Therefore, an doorman apartment in NYC is an excellent and safe option.

Disadvantages of Renting an NYC Building With a Doorman

They may violate your sense of privacy.

For a doorman who sees you come in and out of the establishment every single day, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they start to get a hint of what your routine or daily schedule is. It may be an imagined harm, but some people may be uneasy with someone else keeping track of them like so.

A doorman can proliferate gossip.

A story without a context can and will always be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Like maybe the doorman accepting bulk deliveries from an odd company sent to your apartment. There is a possibility that this story can reach other residents of the NYC doorman building. Then, this can be perceived maliciously and cause gossip.

doorman buildings in NYC - apt. interior

The service means additional cost.

If you rent an NYC apartment with a doorman, you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot more expensive than other spots in the city. Paying them comes with your rent, so you’re technically paying for the convenience and security. Additionally, you’re expected to tip on average between $25-$150 around the holidays, and at any other appropriate times. This can add up, and is in addition to the rent you’re already paying.

How to Rent an Apartment With a Doorman in NYC

There are so many reasons why you should rent an apartment building with a doorman in NYC. On the contrary, there are also reasons to convince you why you shouldn’t. To help make the decision even easier, enlist the help of Short Term Rentals NYC.

Our experienced team of real estate professionals can help guide you to the perfect place, doorman or not. We’ll be with you every the step of the way, from searching for your perfect NYC apartment to signing the lease.

Turn to STRNYC for your NYC apartment search, and enjoy the benefits of on-demand knowledge and experience right at your fingertips. Our inventory of NYC rentals in unrivaled, and can be filtered to suit your personal preferences. We even have a doorman filter, so you can find the doorman building in NYC of your dreams.