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June 13, 2017

Where to Eat on Your First Trip to NYC

If you’re new in New York City, and especially if you’re here for a short time on an NYC vacation, you likely have no idea where to find the food of your dreams. Well, we have good news for you. Below are some of the best eateries across the city. Keep in mind, the scope of the amazing restaurants in NYC are beyond this post, and the best way to experience them fully is to sublet a short term apartment and spend a longer period of time in this culinary utopia.


Situated in the busy neighborhood of SoHo, Sadelle’s is an experience itself when it comes to lunch and brunch. Apart from being a more affordable option than most fancy restaurants of NYC, Sadelle’s also offers a lively environment. For example, whenever fresh bagels come out of the oven, the waiter yells “Hot Bagels!”. It is a classic New York deli with a twist, and offers both traditional appetizing treats and modern dishes.


By CHLOE is an all-vegan NYC restaurant, so is basically a vegetarian’s dream come true right in Greenwich Village. It’s following the NYC vegetarian restaurant trend that’s spurred the opening of a truly vast amount of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly eateries. This establishment is recommended for all vegans out there who are looking to treat themselves to authentically delicious food. Even if you’re non-vegan, you can also enjoy the delights of the food at by CHLOE.

Via Quadronno

This little restaurant in the Upper East Side is a must-visit lunch spot for foodies craving Italian cuisine in NYC. Via Quadronno offers a range of delicious sandwiches and paninis. Although slightly high-end, the food quality is well worth the price tag.


Rubirosa is consistently one of the most popular pizzerias in NYC, and with good reason. Italian-American cuisine just can’t get better than this. Sure, you’ll have to wait a bit before you receive your order, but with one bite you’ll know it was worth it. Seek out this pizza mainstay in Nolita.

Uncle Boon’s

Although not usually buzzing with tourists, Uncle Boon’s is one of the favorite eateries of New Yorker locals, and is also situated in Nolita. This cozy little place offers some of the best Thai food in NYC.

St Anselm

New York City is known for its perfectly cooked steaks and classic steakhouses. Head on to St. Anselm in Brooklyn for dinner and indulge yourself in some of the finest quality steaks in NYC. As with the Rubirosa, be prepared to wait a little.

Joe’s Pizza

When you visit NYC, do yourself a favor and get a slice or pie from Joe’s Pizza. If you’re a pizza enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed with this favorite New York pizzeria. You have been warned, though: Once you try it, any other pizza might never meet the gold standard set by Joe’s.

To get the most out of your NYC experience and be able to frequent not only these restaurants, but also the many more the city has to offer, renting an apartment online can be your best option. This short term solution saves you the hassle of hopping between expensive hotel rooms, and includes customizable features to fit your price range and amenities. Renting an apartment puts you one step closer to being at the epicenter of all your favorite NYC restaurants, letting you enjoy a true foodie experience.

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