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August 22, 2017

The Essential Guide to Living With Roommates in NYC

If you’re a student or a newly independent adult who plans to move to an expensive city like NYC, there’s a good chance you might be put off by the high apartment rents you have to pay. Don’t worry, though, because there is a way around it when renting your first apartment – roommates.

Setting some rules prior to living with roommates and learning how to cope with another person are both essential. If you’ve never been in such a situation, here are some helpful tips that can make living with roommates in NYC easier.

Ask the Right Preliminary Questions

Before finalizing your lease, you should establish the number of roommates you plan on living with, what kind of apartment you want, and where. Are you looking for a fully-furnished rental? Only searching in Midtown East? These are all things to consider and ask before committing to living with a roommate in NYC.

Next, you might want to do a little background research on your prospective roommate by asking them questions directly. Some ideas for questions to ask a roommate: Do they smoke? How often do they drink? What time do they usually go to bed?

These questions help you figure out right from the beginning if you’re a match made in heaven or if there are red flags that are deal-breakers.

Respect Your Roommate

Respecting the person you’re going to share an apartment in NYC with is not only essential for your own survival, but also is the ethical way to behave. Be sure to give your roommate his/her personal space and avoid sharing their belongings without with rommmates

You should also get to know what your roommate dislikes. You don’t want to accidentally cause them distress or discomfort, so figuring this out ahead of time is wise.

Interact with Them

Interacting with your roommate is very important as it can help strengthen your relationship. Communication and interaction does not only include chatting over breakfast. Other things such as telling them what time you will be back and when you’re expecting to have people over are equally important.

Share the Responsibility

Divide the daily chores for every roommate to do from day one to avoid any disagreements later on. Also decide early whether groceries will be bought and shared communally, or if everyone will take care of their lunch themselves.

Living with a new roommate can be an awkward and unfamiliar experience. With a level-headed mind and some mature decisions, the process can be easier than you think and these new roommates can actually become your lifelong best friends. It also helps to be living in the apartment of your dreams. Ease you and your roommate’s stress by enlisting the help of Short Term Rentals NYC in finding the perfect NYC rental for you.

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