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September 14, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s Tallest Residential Building

432 Park Avenue in Manhattan is a 96-story residential tower set to challenge the Empire State Building as the tallest building in NYC. It’s not just in scale that this skyscraper dwarfs other NYC buildings. The luxury lifestyle is also at its peak here. 432 Park Ave. is the premiere example when it comes to breathtaking views, luxury amenities, and the best condominium rentals in NYC.

The Structure Itself

This skyscraper stands at an astonishing 1,396 feet tall. To put this into perspective, the Empire State Building is 1,454 feet to the top of its antenna.

The prices for an apartment rental in this luxury building are reportedly starting from  $7 million for a one-bedroom unit. Other prices range from $95 million for full-floor penthouses that come with a 360-degree view to $20 million for three-bedroom units. These NYC rentals include libraries among their other over-the-top luxury amenities. Their sheer price is guaranteed to place them at the top of any list of NYC’s most expensive apartments.

The Amenities

Many people have the same reaction when they tour this building: It’s surely a show-stopper!  

432 Park Ave

For a residential building, 432 Park Ave. is setting a new high in the competition by bringing the most spectacular location, apartments, and services. Every luxury apartment amenity is provided within the building. This makes it even more exciting for the residents. It’s not only the tallest residential building in NYC.  432 Park Avenue is making New York especially attractive for newcomers who are looking to spend on a distinguished apartment or penthouse.  

Luxury amenities in the Rafael Viñoly-composed building include a 75-foot-long pool, sauna, steam room, wellness center, and workplaces or visitor lofts for procurement. Lofts have 12 1/2-foot roofs, 10-by-10-foot windows, and 9-foot doors.

A visit to 432 Park Ave. is to understand that everything about it is exquisite. The sky-high view of the city and lavish services will easily convince you that everything is larger than life here.  

The Logistics

The Federal Aviation Administration even needed to approve the tallness of 432 Park Avenue. Like other skyscrapers, it needed to enlist an aviation consultant to finish an examination. This would demonstrate that the building won’t jeopardize or endanger planes and helicopters.

Not everyone can afford to spend $30 million on an NYC condo rental, but some can. New York City is full of people who are willing and able to rent here. There are 7,580 individuals with $30 million or more in total assets in the city. In terms of number of total billionaires, the United States leads the pack with 543. You can guarantee there are some taking a vested interest in 432 Park Ave. as their next real estate endeavor.

Renting a luxury apartment or condominium in NYC doesn’t have to mean spending $30 million. Short Term Rentals NYC is the premiere apartment search service in the city to help you find the rental that checks all the right boxes. Whether that’s a condo rental with a gym or a luxury townhouse on the Upper East Side, STRNYC is here to help.

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