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May 30, 2017

Here’s How to Find No Fee Rentals in NYC

Finding an apartment in NYC is a an overwhelming process that requires a lot of legwork. When searching for a no fee rental in NYC, in particular, the experience becomes even more tedious .

A no fee rental apartment will save you money by avoiding the brokerage fee, which usually amounts to 15% of your first year’s rent. However, there is a lot more research and time involved finding a new home for yourself without the assistance of an agent by your side.In order to understand the best way to begin your search, here’s a short guide of how to find no fee rentals in NYC and what to look for.

Find Your No Fee Rental Online

To find a no fee Rental in NYC, online services such as StreetEasy and CityReality can help you in finding your dream apartment. These services offer a filter option that locates the best no fee rentals in your area of choice. You can also turn to NYBits, which exclusively focuses on no fee apartments in NYC. This website also gives you relevant information about the property owners, and who you need to contact should you consider an available apartment on their website.
Apart from these websites, it’s always healthy to ask your friends via social networking: You might actually stumble across your dream home through a friend’s referral.

Is the Apartment of Your Choice New?

The date of when the apartment went up for rent gives an accurate indication of how well it’s doing in the market. Usually when an apartment has been listed for a long time but it seems appealing at a glance, it is located in an undesirable location or has another obvious fault.

Commonly, older apartments that do not sell well fall under the second type of no fee rentals, in which the landlord has hired a realtor. Though an agent is still part of the process, their fee is handled by the landlord instead of you, the tenant.

Make Sure the Apartment is Actually No Fee

Sometimes property owners might not be upfront about the fee involved in renting their apartment. An apartment may be labelled as no fee, but the fees might actually be discreetly added to the monthly rent. One way to make sure you’re not being scammed is to compare similar rental houses in the same neighborhood. Additionally, read the lease thoroughly and clearly, looking for any hidden fees or strange additional charges.

It’s easier to avoid any of the issues around hidden fees if utilizing a rental service that screens landlords ahead of time. Short Term Rentals NYC is a no fee apartment finder that can find you the home of your dreams, while having certified the landlords ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of negotiating.

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