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May 27, 2016

How to Find Cheap Short Term Rentals

If you’re looking for a cheap short term rental in NYC, the options can be overwhelming. There are a few well kept secrets that we can let you in on to help shorten the process. For those seeking affordable housing, here are some of the options:

Start with the Internet.

This is your best option when looking for a short term furnished rental in NYC. Placing your wants and needs, budget, apartment size, and area into the search bar can yield better results.

Short term furnished rentals in NYC can be found in a plethora of places – from Craigslist to Zillow – but finding an apartment that is affordable in your desired neighborhood might seem futile. Using Short Term Rentals could be the perfect solution for you.

Using a Newspaper.

Though this provides less of a selection when choosing a short term rental in NYC, it can provide an ideal place to start. With everything from amNew York to the New York Post, they have a section devoted to apartments and real estate options to choose from.

The ads even split up the neighborhoods, so you’re able to go directly to those you’d like to stay at short term, and skip those you’d rather not.

Speak with a Real Estate Agent.

Speaking with a real estate agent can yield a better return on the temporary housing in NYC that is available. Not only do they have their hands on some of the best listings, but they can customize each short term furnished rental in NYC to your particular preferences. This provides only the housing you can afford, as well as the amount of rooms and neighborhood you’d like to be in.

Word of Mouth.

While searching for furnished apartments in NYC, it is always ideal to speak with others to see what they have found in different neighborhoods. They can let you in on the secrets and tips to finding the best short term rental that is not only affordable, but fits your needs.
Temporary housing in NYC is everywhere, but finding it can be the tricky part. Using these four ways to search for short term leasing can help you find the most ideal apartment during your stay within the Big Apple.

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