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January 18, 2017

Short Term Rentals Make More Sense Than Hotels

Oftentimes, travelers decide to stay in cities for longer than a standard stay. Whether it’s for a business trip, school, to visit friends or family, or even to take care of an ill loved one, we all have times where we need to make extended stays. In situations like these, there are several reasons as to why it would be more wise to book a short term apartment rental as opposed to a hotel.


Pros of Short Term Apartment Rentals

  • Price
    • Almost everyone is on a tight budget these days. We are all looking to make the most economical decisions whenever possible. Henceforth, why not save a nice chunk of change while traveling? By booking a short term rental you can enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel and more at a much more affordable rate. Not to worry, our short term rentals are always fully furnished making your stay hassle-free and affordable.


  • Proximity
    • There are only a limited amount of hotels out there and they’re usually all bunched up in the heart of the city. On the contrast, short term rentals are everywhere! With such a wide array of options to choose from all travelers can find a perfect match that puts them right where they need to be. With short term rentals all over New York City one can easily find their ideal location.


  • Amenities
    • The main benefit of a short term rental is making you feel like you are at home. Travelers will have access to free wifi, a gym, free parking, a complete kitchen, and the list goes on! Your apartment will have everything you need and more. No need to leave your apartment for every meal when you can stock up your kitchen for the entirety of your stay. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the typical chaos that goes on in hotels as your apartment is ensured to be peaceful and inviting.


For more information and to find short term apartment rentals please visit

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