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September 5, 2017

When to Search for an NYC Apartment

When you first move to New York City, finding an apartment to call home can be the biggest obstacle. Between deciding your rent budget and if you’ll be pursuing a fully-furnished NYC rental or furnishing your own, there are many decisions involved. The first decision to be made, though, is when to begin looking for your apartment rental.

In NYC, the time to start looking for an apartment can vary. Here, we’ve laid out a guide to the best months to look for an apartment in New York City.

The Months to Avoid When Looking for an NYC Apartment

The long stretches of July, August, and September are regularly observed as the worst times to rent your first NYC apartment. With demand its highest at this time, costs skyrocket. Conversely, the winter months are viewed as ideal times to rent.

In NYC, summer is known as the worst time to look for an apartment. This is due to numerous reasons. For one, a large number of students are graduating and coming to the city. Second, employees and interns brought to the city begin their term in the summer months.


There’s almost a 4.5 percent difference in rent between leasing in July as opposed to leasing an NYC apartment in January. For a one-bedroom apartment costing $3,100, this would mean you’d pay about $140 less every month in the event that you began your rent in January instead of a summer month. Be very careful when looking for a place to live and use an apartment value tool so you can get the best deal.

The Best Times to Rent in NYC

You should be looking to save money and get an affordable apartment. January and December are the ideal months to look for a new place. During this time of year, you should start the lease and take advantage of discounted rates.

Landlords often offer concessions, such as a free month, and start charging rent after that time. These months are the best time of the year to look for an apartment due to the lowered demands of the public. Therefore, NYC apartment rents are decreased and often incentivized.

An interesting thing to note is that surprisingly in November, the rents stay relatively steady. This time seems like it could be an off-peak month. In fact, it is neither too discounted nor too expensive.

Use a Rental Search Engine

When looking for an apartment in NYC, take the stress out of the process with an online apartment search service. Short Term Rentals NYC takes the guesswork out of renting by offering the best deals on apartments across New York City. You can customize your search options and optimize results to get the best deal on your dream NYC rental.

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