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Off Campus Housing in New York City

July 15, 2016 by Editor

So you’re new in town; you came to New York City because you were accepted to college here. Now, you probably already know becoming an independent adult in a foreign place comes with its challenges. Finding a place to stay should be at the top of your list of things to do, but it’s no simple task in an unfamiliar area. That’s where we’re here to help: At Short Term Rentals NYC, we offer 30-day plus rentals across NYC. Need to find off campus housing in NYC for students? We’ve got you covered.

What to Look For in An Off-Campus House

When you’re ready to search for your perfect no fee short term apartment in NYC, you need to make sure the new place ticks all the boxes of what makes an off campus house great.

For starters, you want to make sure the landlord is a reputable, approachable person. In a highly populated city such as NYC, there are plenty of landlords that are unreliable. Before you sign a lease, make sure you’ve done prior research on the owner renting it. Even better, you can utilize an apartment rental service that conducts background checks on them for you, certifying their trustworthiness.

Once you’ve successfully found a respectable landlord, you need to assess whether your new rental caters to your needs. For instance, students usually want their new residence to be near their college campus, while some might prefer to stay in a place which that feels familiar to them based on their culture and ethnicity. Basic essentials to look for, though, are whether there is a grocery store near the locality and if your desired neighborhood is safe and secure to live in.

As a student, you probably have a limited budget so you need to find a value apartment rental that suits your price range, and doesn’t gouge your the wallet. In a city where daily average expenses include lunch for $15 and monthly subway fare exceeds $100, subletting a furnished apartment is also a plus point that can save your time and resources. It is often a convenient and time-saving decision to go through a rental search platform that finds the best deals for you, and can be tailored to your specific preferences.

Before you finalize your decision, don’t forget to take a walk around the apartment and double check some basic things – lighting, water supply, cupboards, windows, locks etc. It is your job as a tenant to make sure everything is the way you want it to be, and that it’s all in working order.

Find Your New Apartment With Short Term Rentals NYC

At Short Term Rentals NYC, we’ll help you choose your favorite rental home from an entire catalogue. Our services extend to all major neighborhoods of NYC, and you can decide which one to live in that caters to your requirements. We are here you every step of the way with expert customer service and a knowledgeable staff of search consultants who specialize in the New York City area.

We also realize that most students have a limited budget and they need value homes to stay in. At Short Term Rentals NYC, you can choose your desired price range, in addition to an array of other specifications. Not only do we handle finding you the perfect home tailored to your needs, but also we make sure to certify every landlord listed with us and conduct extensive background checks.

Lastly, with Short Term Rentals NYC you don’t have to worry about decorating your new place. Instead, all of our rentals are fully-furnished and ready for immediate move-in. We’re making the entire process of finding you the perfect home more efficient, streamlined, and cheaper.

Enjoy the New York City Life

You’re about to start a life in New York City. Don’t spend time worrying about where you’re going live as you simultaneously take on student responsibilities and try to navigate an unfamiliar city. Short Term Rentals NYC will make your stay comfortable and stress-free with our services that provide everything from search specifications to extensive landlord background checks.

As a student embarking on an educational journey in a new city, NYC offers a range of attractions to enjoy outside of class. Where you decide to reside off campus can dictate your experience, to an extent. For example, if you choose to prioritize being close to classes and the center of campus life, then the school year will be focused on activities relating to campus and school. However, if you decide to expand far from campus boundaries into diverse neighborhoods, like Astoria or Bushwick, then your experiences will be shaped by those areas.

Within each neighborhood of the city, there are distinct characteristics that will influence your experience living there. Short Term Rentals NYC is here to help you find the location that best suits your needs as a student looking to live off campus. Whether its an apartment rental right next to the library to help you focus on studying, or a no fee home in the East Village that lets you feel like you’re in the epicenter of NYC nightlife, we are the best service available to find the off campus apartment rental that helps you thrive during your academic years.