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Studio Apartments in NYC

November 29, 2017 by admin

Let’s face it: New York City rentals cost big bucks. In order to sign the lease alone, you must earn at least 50 times the monthly rent just to be able to afford a decent apartment. Then, there are the broker fees and monthly maintenance fees you still have to pay for. But hey, don’t let that ruin your dream of living in an NYC rental apartment.

If you’re on a tight budget, then an NYC studio rental is a great option for you. Although studio apartments in NYC tend to be small, you can maximize your space with a few of the tips below. Additionally, no matter the size, you’ll still be living in this exciting and lively city. If you’re working with a more flexible budget, there are also plenty of luxury studio apartments in NYC to choose from. A studio rental offers the solitude, convenience, and often the amenities everyone can enjoy in an NYC apartment.

Here’s what you can expect when you move into your NYC studio apartment rental. We’ve also included a few tips to get the most out of the (often minimal) space.

1. It’s all about getting the perfect color scheme.

The moment you enter the door to your NYC studio rental, you’ll see the kitchen right next to the bathroom, which is also right next to your bed. The nature of a studio apartment is that it is one, open floor plan with the only wall separations belonging to the bathroom. Seeing so much stuff crammed into these small spaces can easily make you feel disorganized. It can also make the space seem smaller than it actually is.

studio apartments in NYC - 3

A trick to make your studio apartment in NYC feel and appear larger is to use different but complementary colors in each section of your apartment. This trick of the eye makes the place look bigger than it actually is, guaranteed. Just a gentle reminder: pick a unified aesthetic that fits your taste so your studio doesn’t become overwhelming with too many bursts of color.

Make sure, too, to check with the property owner before painting anything. According to your NYC studio rental tenant terms, you may need to paint over whatever you do at the end of the lease. Understand the rules before you take the initiative and paint your entire place.

2. Perspective is key.

Whenever you a rent a studio apartment in NYC, chances are you’ll be given just this small, square space with a bathroom and a regular-sized stove. If budget allows, you could look for fully-furnished NYC rentals. Otherwise, though, you’ll need to find a place for all of your things in that empty space, wherever it fits.

Here’s a tip: try and make use of dividers or glass walls to separate each section of your NYC studio apartment. That way, you won’t be too bothered that the your bed is right next to the door.

Take note that these dividers should be transparent or made of glass so as to allow natural light to get in. A general rule of thumb is that “the brighter the room is, the larger it feels”. Dividing your space will not only create the feeling of rooms where they do not exist, but also expand the size of the entire studio.

3. If you can’t go wide, then go high.

With the size of NYC studio apartment rentals, you shouldn’t be surprised when your bed, sofa, and TV set already take up too much room. As a result, you’ll find that don’t have a place for your desk or side table. And we all know that throwing out the furniture that doesn’t fit is definitely not an option.

So if you can’t maximize your space horizontally, why not make use of the space vertically? If you’re able to rent a studio apartment with high ceilings, be resourceful enough to create multiple levels. For example, you can elevate your bed to create a loft. Then, you can use the space underneath for your study desk or additional storage space.

Multi-leveled utilization of space in your NYC studio rental also allows you to install tall but spacious shelves. You can mount the TV on the wall so you wouldn’t have to use the TV stand. You can also buy high-strung curtains so that you can add a touch of elegance to your studio apartment.

And if you still have more stuff than space, try looking for establishments in that provide storage units. Sometimes, not everything will fit in your NYC studio apartment. Conduct a search for where you can place the items that you don’t use anymore or can’t make room for at the moment. This way you can keep your items in a safe space without having to consider throwing them out.

studio apartment in NYC - 2

4. Dual-purpose furniture pieces are a must-have.

Always remember that the key to a minimalist life means possessing only the essentials. If you don’t need that gigantic cupboard you got from a garage sale, sell it! If you don’t use that study desk anymore, then give it away! This way, you’ll free yourself from clutter and won’t have to worry about having too many things when you rent an NYC studio apartment.

Moreover, it’s important that you buy furniture pieces that serve a dual purpose. For example, buy an ottoman that can be transformed into a sofa, a queen-sized bed, or even two single beds. Not only does this save you tons of room in your studio apartment, but it also makes your apartment look more spacious and dynamic.

You should also check to see if the appliances that come with the apartment are standard size. NYC apartment rentals often save space by installing irregularly small appliances, like stoves and ovens. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but just be aware of this fact and check the appliances in your studio apartment in NYC before signing the lease.  

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