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December 7, 2017

These Tech Upgrades are the New Hottest NYC Luxury Apartment Amenities

When it comes to looking for an NYC apartment or a condominium, there are so many things left to consider. For example, this includes the convenience of the location, the food options available within walking distance, and the neighborhood itself.

Most NYC rental apartments offer similar amenities to their tenants. You can count on them lauding a spacious living area, a bright kitchen, and refurbished appliances for the best prices. However, these days a luxury NYC condo rental or apartment is offering more than the basics. This ranges from luxury experiences to top-notch facilities.  

Check out how these luxe accommodations are making tech the newest NYC apartment amenity.

The New Tech Amenities On the Block

“Smart home tech” is turning out to be the new hottest trend in real estate right now. With this amenity, luxury developers and management companies are offering tenants a new way to experience living in an NYC apartment.

This new technology will solve most of the problems tenants face. The goal is to make your life a lot easier, and make you feel more secure, too. Let’s take a look at a few examples of this new tech creating a smart home for residents.

NYC luxury apartment amenities


Tired of coming home to a cold apartment? The Nest app allows you to log in and adjust the temperature remotely. This way, you can control exactly how cold or warm you want your NYC rental to be before even walking in the door.


You probably know the feeling of being too busy, tired, or lazy to make yourself your favorite cappuccino or even just a warm glass of milk. The TopBrewer app actually allows you to order any drink of your choice from sa TopBrewer coffee machine with just a tap of your finger. Customize the amount of foam on your latte, the size of your drink, and even make other drinks like hot chocolate.

Smart Home Tech Within the Apartment

Let’s talk about the more practical home technologies that will make you want to rent that NYC apartment as soon as possible. Some luxury apartment buildings actually offer units with keyless entry systems. With these, you can gain access to your apartment through your phone, or access codes for one-time visitors.

Your apartment may have a lot of windows to let in light and increase space. Therefore, you’d probably enjoy the motorized shades installed as n NYC luxury apartment amenity. These can keep out the intense heat and light of the sun with just a push of a button!

These are just some of the many smart home technologies that are now offered as NYC luxury apartment amenities. If you want to experience these upgrades for yourself, you should begin looking for your own NYC luxury condo or apartment. STRNYC has one of the top inventories of luxury listings across NYC. With our help, you can sign the lease on a rental with one, if not all, of the smart technologies listed here.

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