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July 15, 2016 by Editor

Hello Tenants!

Looking for someone to sublet your apartment without having to get into any legal trouble? Don’t rent it out for less than 30 days! Also, if you are looking for someone to help find you someone to take over your lease then let us know.

We have thousands of people coming to our website a day and are always looking to find a place to stay.

Why list with us and not craigslist?
Here at short term rentals NYC we go through a very thorough process of filtering out who is a legit potential tenant. By listing your apartment with us we do everything we can to rent out the apartment. We not only have our own websites that we would show your apartment on, although we would also post your apartment on many different outlets online to get your apartment the most exposure possible. Craigslist, StreetEast, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Booking, and many other websites. We also have connections with many landlords in new york city in the furnished apartments space so we are very likely to rent out your apartment compared to anyone else.

Why does our filter process mean anything to you?
For one, you don’t want to sublet your apartment to anyone with a criminal report, robber, or anyone else that has a bad record – we do a background check on everyone one of our potential clients. This will better help you not have to go through the trouble of interviewing you who is gong to rent out your home. As to most people it is a very touchy  subject as to who you are going to allow to sleep in your bed and hang around your apartment.

Our clients are usually the highest paying clients as well as the highest quality apartment seekers as we market to companies and corporate individuals. We already have companies that partner with us that are always looking for people to stay at furnished rentals. Corporate tenants are the best tenants for a short term rental as they are not here to party – they are here to work. Also, corporate tenants that are looking to sublet your apartment already have been filtered out by the company when they were hiring them – so you know that the person subletting the apartment form you will not be anyone to worry about.

What is the fee?

Most of the time there is no fee! You name the price that you are looking to get for your apartment and we will present to all of our customers. Tip – don’t make it too expensive as the price is really the selling point here and if you are charging too much for someone to sublet your apartment then the customers will probably not want to stay by you. We are a business, and although we are here to make everyone we also have to pay the bills some way or another. So, if your apartment is a great deal and is a very fair price then usually will collect a small fee from the customer who is subletting your apartments, although if you are asking for a very high rent and we need to put out efforts into leasing it and we do not think people will pay a fee for you expensive apartment we might ask you to pay us some type of fee if we were to rent out your apartment.

How does short term rentals NYC make money?

We collect from the customer a fee based on how much you are charging, or if we feel your apartment(s) is very expensive then we might ask you to pay some small fee ( generally a 5% commission), this way we dont put in all our efforts and marketing power into an apartment that a customer who likes would not be willing to pay a fee to sublet the apartment.

Do we do any vacation rentals under 30Days?

No that is illegal in nyc. and are good resources for you if you are looking to have someone stay by you for a couple of days.

How do I post my apartment with your website?
We will send you a form to fill out. If you dont want to fill it out and would like to tell us about your apartment(s) then give us a call and we will ask you a couple a questions about the apartment and we will process it in our database.