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The Legalities of Short Term Renting

Published on May 27, 2016 by Editor

With a recent surge in the number of short-term vacation rental options available, many people are interested in learning more about it. One of the main questions people want to know is, “is this legal?”

There are quite a few cities that are now struggling with this issue. Those against short-term rentals state that the transient renters often disrupt otherwise peaceful neighborhoods and have a negative impact on a number of local businesses, such as hotels. However, those for short-term rentals have contended that they have the constitutionally protected right, as a property owner, to use this private property without having to worry about government interference.

That still leaves the question – is this practice legal, and what are the specific legalities of it?

There are some municipalities, counties, and cities that have placed legal restrictions on short-term rentals. These can vary quite a bit from place to place. In some cities, the restrictions in place are very severe and result in most short-term rental situations to be illegal. For example:

New York: Any residential property that is located in a multiple residential home building (such as apartments) are only able to be used for “permanent residence purposes.”

New Orleans: Prohibits any property owner from renting their apartment or home to anyone for a period less than 60 days in the French Quarter area and 30 days in other areas of the city.

San Luis Obispo County in California: This prohibits a rental home from being able to be located within 200 feet of the same type of rental. There are other occupancy limits.

It is important to note that the restrictions related to short-term rentals that are described above are enforced haphazardly at best. This is usually due to a lack of manpower. There are not many cities of municipalities that don’t put much effort into this issue.

For those who live in a planned development community, cooperative or condominium, their property is governed by deed-like restrictions. These are often referred to as covenants, conditions, and restrictions, or more commonly, bylaws.

Getting to know the laws and regulations for short-term rentals in your area will help you know what is legal and what should be avoided. There is no question that short-term rentals are popular, but staying within the regulations is smart. This will help you avoid fines and other types of consequences that often go along with not operating under the law. Keeping the information here in mind will help you better understand the realm of short-term rentals.

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  • I have many family members and friends praying for Abby in MN. I remember going through chemo for cancer many years ago and my hearts breaks that your precious little Abby has to go through all this. Life’s not fair but God is good!!

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    I don't have specific political understanding of much of what you write about…and yet the principles are clear to me. I see you are committed to honest communication, unearthing facts and the hard work of thinking things through. We are told there is time when the love of many shall grow cold… may you stay warm…no not just warm, but hot for the Lord's sake.

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  • Hi Pam. I love it how you do these wonderful posts for your daughter's birthday. They are always so personal and special, and this one is no different. I'm sure she was truly touched when she saw the post earlier today. Happy Birthday Birdie. You certainly sound like a very lovely girl, and mum is obviously so proud of you!

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  • Tom ~This podcast was so inspiring. Thanks for your honest take on ministry and time devoted to minsitry. I read the links before listening to the show and thought that you had second thoughts on your neighboring church. Good to hear you went and pleased to hear your heart on what you took from it…and what you left there. Looking forward to more thoughts from future podcasts.

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  • The best thing for ACT right now would be to fold their cards and let Banks be an "Independant". They can then reboot with a new brand, possibly with the Libertarianz. Banks will probably then join the conservatives a little closer to the 2014 election and Key will likely offer another tea party (sans microphone)Everybody will be happy

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  • I photograph the same way! Some polishes seem to and some don’t, even within the same brand… ah well, that’s life, right? I just love that dark olive green, and the layering looks so great! <3

  • LDub · just saw your blog – im racing IM CDA as well! (2.5 weeks yay!)how do you like EN's 4 keys? I was looking at that and the race execution dvd…but wanted to know before I paid the price HAPPY TRAINING! find that 1 thing!

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  • Obama is not for change or should I say he is not for change in regards to America. Just think how sad it will be if indeed he does become President. We had all better pray that God will see fit to fix this problem.

  • Gratulere sÃ¥ mye med dagen som var:)For noen herlige gaver du har fÃ¥tt:)Ønsker meg selv sÃ¥nn Tolix stol:)Vil gjerne vær emd pÃ¥ utloddingen din:)Tar 1 lodd jeg:)Ha en herlig helgKlem Merete

  • KERF just hammers it home that the entire blogging phenomenon is offensive. I have a PC and a blogger account/I self published through Amazon therefore I am a writer. I was jealous of the professional musicians and their audition process yesterday.

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  • It takes me about two revise before I finally get to the final draft. Then I has to do a little more here and there. Then I give it to my editor which she send back for a rewrite then I'm finish.

  • 07 Dec 03, 2007 12:11 pm Thanks for the award Andrew. Just remember, you don’t have to be a Complete Geek just yet. Everyone starts somewhere. Your right, too. My wife was very happy when she found out I gave her the award;)Keep up the good work

  • on April 24, 2018

    Yeah, Faceometer is good.. he often plays down at the Angel in Exeter. Well worth a look.… And if you’re in Birmingham, the monthly Celar Door night (at the Actress and Bishop) is well worth a look for a variety of really good stuff. 15th June is the next.

  • (Read with sarcasm) Oh, this is kind of…a little bit…cruel. You got us all excited and now we have to wait until 2014!? Guess I'll have to be patient!Seriously, it sounds fantastic. And, what an exciting process!

  • Hur gÃ¥r det med appen? Vore grymt att fÃ¥ ett mer lättillgängligt sätt att lyssna pÃ¥ er under promenad/löparruna/cykeltur osv. än att gÃ¥ via er hemsida.Ni gör ett grymt bra jobb, är stolt att ha er som blivande kollegor!

  • I know! What’s up with the Wii groaning? Or the, “Oh!” like it’s going to break if you don’t stand still because it thinks you’re too fat to be standing on it? Definitely a design fail.But the ring? GORGEOUS!

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