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September 28, 2017

Top 10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods of NYC

In a city full of tight spaces, high walk-ups, and limited access to outdoor areas, you’d figure that pets would be an unappealing addition for the residents of rental apartments in New York City. Even in the most luxurious of NYC co-op rentals, there’s hardly room for a washer-dryer unit. However, approximately 425,000 dogs live in NYC. This is a greater number of puppies than there are individuals in Oakland, CA. As a result, finding pet-friendly apartments in NYC is easier than you think.

Behind the Rankings

A recent survey with Rover, the country’s biggest system of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers, revealed the most mainstream dog breeds and sizes in NYC neighborhoods. They also analyzed and ranked the best neighborhoods in New York City for dogs and their reliable owners.

In order to disclose the rankings, we consolidated various components, including:

  • inventory of pet-friendly rentals in NYC
  • number of puppy sitters available on Rover
  • amount of dog parks and off-leash areas located within the City of New York
  • number of close-by veterinarians listed on Yelp.

Finding a Pet-Friendly NYC Apartment Rental

Perhaps you are planning on getting settled here in New York City and want to keep a pet with you in your apartment. Your first point of action should be to research well before signing a lease for a pet-friendly apartment.

Some NYC apartments will advertise on their listing if they are pet-friendly. Others require you to ask the landlord directly, where they’ll either be flexible or deny your request. Be sure to confirm either way that pets are allowed, so as to avoid any unfortunate miscommunication.

Then, look into the area a bit more. The best neighborhoods and communities for keeping a pet in New York are mentioned below.  

pet-friendly apartment

The 10 Most Pest-Friendly NYC Neighborhoods

The 10 neighborhoods that offer the most pet-friendly amenities and neighborhoods are:

  1. Battery Park City: It includes the greatest share of dog-friendly rental buildings at a whopping 63%.
  2. Dumbo: Within this trendy Brooklyn neighborhood are 7 parks for your pets.
  3. Tribeca: Another trendy neighborhood (this one located in Manhattan), 26% of rentals are listed here as pet-friendly.
  4. Financial District: This area also includes 7 dog parks.
  5. Roosevelt Island: This small belt of land is located between Manhattan and Queens. Itss also pet-friendly, with the most popular breed found here to be Pomeranian.
  6. Columbia St. Waterfront District: The top breed of dog found here is a pitbull mix. The area as a whole is considered highly pet-friendly.
  7. Flatiron: Almost 22% of rental apartments in this Manhattan neighborhood are pet-friendly listings.
  8. Soho: There’s more to this neighborhood than just shopping. It’s also home to more than 500 dog-sitters and walkers.
  9. Silver Lake: The neighborhood of Staten Island includes 5 parks and a lake for the pets.
  10. Downtown Brooklyn: Here you’ll find the most diverse array of breeds of any neighborhood.

When moving to NYC with pets, finding a pet-friendly apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. Short Term Rentals NYC lets you refine your search for apartments to include pet-friendly listings, along with a wide array of other specifications. With their convenient online search platform and premiere customer service, finding a pet-friendly NYC apartment has never been easier.

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