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Townhouse Rentals in NYC

July 19, 2017 by admin

There is yet another type of rental housing in NYC that has seen a rise in popularity recently: Townhouse rentals. Townhouses for rent  in New York City are among the most elite types of luxury apartment options.

They are defined by the independent lifestyle they offer due to usually renting out the entire home. Additionally, they’re often notable for their sophisticated and classic architecture. If you’re looking for rentals in NYC, whether short term or for permanent living, townhouse rentals are a luxury option to keep in mind.

What’s A Townhouse Anyway?

A townhouse is often identified by its unique architecture and design. They stand out in terms of how they look – terraced houses, vertical living, and small footprints on multiple floors. The major difference between an NYC townhouse and other types of rental properties, however, is that the buyer completely owns the piece of land the townhouse is built on.

townhouse entranceUnlike traditional apartments and sublets in NYC, there is no landlord system. Therefore, the owner of the townhouse is not accountable or answerable to anyone regarding the property. However, that also means the owner has to pay for the maintenance of the townhouse themselves.

With townhouse rentals, there is no board involved that interviews you and decides if you are eligible to live in their property, so transactions are faster. This allows the buyer to move into their new townhouse immediately, which is perfect for someone on a tight schedule.

On the architectural front, townhouses are usually between 18 to 20 feet wide. Anything larger than twenty feet wide is considered a mansion or a trophy property by townhouse standards. A wider townhouse in NYC is much sought-after as it ensures better ventilation and lighting.

NYC townhouse amenities often include a private backyard and a terrace or balcony that furthers the overall appeal of the building. As far as the interior is concerned, not all townhouse rentals in NYC are the same. Some offer impeccable construction, wooden floors, open kitchens, fire places etc. Others may come fully-furnished. It all comes down to the price and the location of the townhouse rental in NYC that you’re looking for.

How Much Does A Townhouse Rental in NYC Cost?

With the private, independent lifestyle and amazing architecture townhouses offer, the cost of a townhouse rental in NYC is naturally on the high-end. However, compared to condos and co-ops, they’re still more affordable. The price of an individual townhouse rental depends on the units the buyer purchases and where the townhouse is located.

In real-estate jargon, the units in a townhouses are defined by families. A single-family townhouse consists of one unit, whereas a two-family townhouse consists of two units. Depending upon the number of units the buyer is looking to purchase, the price of the townhouse increases.

Another important price consideration is in what NYC neighborhood the townhouse is located. Usually you can find rows of townhouses on the city streets, but you might be surprised that two adjacent townhouses cost different amounts. In NYC, some of the most expensive townhouse rentals are located on Fifth Avenue and in the area between Central Park West and Columbus Ave.

Yet another thing that can bring the price up or down is how well the townhouse is constructed. A townhouse that is well-structured and in good shape is obviously more expensive than a townhouse that has damaged property or paint peeling from the walls.

I’ve Decided to Buy a Townhouse in NYC: Now What?

Buyers who are looking to purchase a townhouse in New York should carry out a thorough inspection of the property before signing the deal. Condos and co-ops involve a board for maintaining the property in good shape. However, townhouses lack such maintenance support. Therefore, before buying a townhouse, it is imperative that you visit the site and inspect the interior for any damages, faults or flaws.

Short-term renters and other temporary tenants are also excellent candidates for renting a townhouse in NYC. In this case, too, be sure to ask the owner questions about the neighborhood and state of the property. Additionally, clarify the conditions of the short-term stay and if there are regulations within the household. Remember: The townhouse owner makes the rules!

Short Term Rentals Has Townhouses for Rent

Finding the right townhouse rental in NYC can be quite the task. They require an understanding of the luxury real-estate market and familiarity with townhouse rules. At Short Term Rentals NYC, we help you find the townhouse rental of your dreams.

We are the expert townhouse rental agency with the convenience of an online search engine. At STR NYC, we offer 30-day plus rentals across all the major neighborhoods in NYC, so you can choose among the townhouses across NYC. With options to customize and find rental properties that are tailored to your needs, we can make sure we find the perfect townhouse rental in the city for you.

Townhouse Rentals are one of the most sought-after housing in NYC. At Short Term Rentals, we make it our mission to help find the best townhouse for you. Regardless of whether you are a resident moving to a new apartment or someone only here for a short time, look to STR NYC to help you with your housing needs.