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November 7, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Transportation in NYC

New York City is indeed a sight to behold, with its well-known landmarks visited by people from all over the world. However, this city is larger than you might think. Tourists coming here on vacation and other newcomers often get lost amongst the busy streets, towering skyscrapers, and crowds of New Yorkers.

Getting around NYC is especially important when you’re considering where to live as a resident or where to stay on your vacation. A temporary NYC rental can have all the amenities you want, but you may find that it is 2 miles from the nearest subway! Before you get into that situation, here’s the ultimate guide to transportation in New York City.

Your NYC Transportation Options on Land

Let’s say you’re on your way to check out the local museums on the East Side of Manhattan or on your way to a dinner reservation over on the West Side. To get there, you can choose from various modes of transportation by land.

The NYC subway system isn’t as difficult to understand as you think as long as you know the difference between the local and express trains. More importantly, always have a copy of the subway map in hand. Keep in mind, too, that construction is frequent and can lead to delays and/or service changes. You can always check the MTA website for more information on planned work and subway updates.

Public buses are as convenient as the subway system. They are also more appealing in that they provide a view of the city above ground. You can use a MetroCard on the buses, and enjoy free transfers from the subway within a certain timeframe.

NYC transportation

If neither subway nor bus is convenient, you might also want to try hailing one of those yellow taxi cabs zooming through the streets. Otherwise, you can book yourself an Uber or Lyft if it gets too stressful. New York City also has a bike-share program (Citibike) where you can rent bicycles for a nominal fee at 30-minute intervals. As you’re planning your NYC family vacation, consider a bike ride as both a means of getting around and a recreational activity.

NYC Transportation By Boat

For just $2.75, you can experience traveling through New York City in an entirely different way – by boat! The East River Ferry is a convenient and budget-friendly option to get around NYC.

You can see the city from a new vantage point and pass under grandiose bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge. You might even want to try taking the tram to Roosevelt Island in order to see the city from hundreds of meters above the ground.

Getting Around NYC By Foot

They say the best and cheapest way to experience New York City in its entirety is to explore it on foot. As long as you have a basic understanding of the grid-like setup of NYC’s streets, navigating should not be that difficult.

Always remember to stay on the right side of the sidewalk and stick to your “lane”. Quit checking your phone while walking; instead, listen to the sounds of the city.

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, being convenient access to transportation in NYC is crucial. Short Term Rentals NYC offers temporary NYC rentals and permanent housing for people of every circumstance. We make sure your apartment is located nearby to transportation in NYC for the most efficient, comfortable living situation that you can imagine.


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