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May 27, 2016

What Comes in a Furnished Apartment

Finding NYC short term rentals that are furnished is incredibly ideal. Not having to move all of your furniture and other larger items from place to place is less stressful. However, what exactly do you bring, and what exactly comes in a furnished rental apartment in NYC? Here are some of the items that these rentals provide, so you do not have to:

The General Items

General furniture such as a bed, couches, chairs, and dining sets are provided in most NYC short term rentals. There will also be lamps for lighting, and wall decorations to make the apartment appear more home-like. They are cleverly decorated to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for all that choose to rent them.


Sheet sets, comforters and pillows can all be provided in many furnished rentals. In addition to this, other linens such as towels and washcloths are provided as a courtesy inside the bathroom area. Extra sheets and towels can be found inside closets, so you’re able to wash and swap them out as necessary.

Kitchen Goods

Cookware and bakeware, as well as silverware, cooking utensils and dishes are always provided inside each of the cupboards. Many of the apartments providing a short term lease in NYC also provide small appliances throughout the kitchen such as a microwave and can opener. Unless you have a special wine opener, you do not have to bring any kitchen accessories with you.

Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning will have to be done from time to time, and most rentals provide a broom, dustpan, mop and bucket for doing so. If there is a carpet, a small vacuum may also be provided. However, any chemicals and other cleaning accessories will need to be provided by you. Regular upkeep of the apartment is required to ensure that it is in the best shape possible during your time leasing it.

You Bring Your Own Toiletries

Almost everything is included, but a few things will have to be provided by you. Toilet paper, paper towels, food, toothpaste and these items are all covered under what you have to bring. Add them to the list of clothes, personal items and shoes and you’re set to move into the short term furnished rentals in NYC.
Finding a short term rental in NYC that is furnished can provide you with a way to move lightly, and take on the city. Instead of spending all of your time inside the apartment, choose to get out there and explore. NYC is a big place, and with it comes the chance to expand and excel without having to bring all of your luggage with you.

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