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September 19, 2017

3 Brooklyn Neighborhoods With the Best Views

Although there are plenty of great reasons to move to New York, the most compelling are the sights and sounds only this city offers, like the best views in NYC. This could be dim sum in Chinatown, checking out new bands in a bar, or witnessing buskers in Union Square.

One of the things that undoubtedly exists in New York is that great NYC skyline. The best neighborhoods for taking in the view of Manhattan just happen to be a quick hop over the East  River, in Brooklyn. Whether you catch the view from your short-term sublet or are taking a walk in the park, this is a borough where the scenery will stun you.

Check out these 3 Brooklyn neighborhoods with the best views, encompassing Greenpoint, Sunset Park, and Brooklyn Heights.


In case you’re looking to either get some late Spring sun while looking at Manhattan’s horizon or taking in the city lights around evening time, East River Park or the India Street piers in Greenpoint ought to be on your must-do list of activities in Brooklyn. The two regions are situated on the North Brooklyn side of the East River. They include stunning views of a larger area of Manhattan, from the UN in Midtown to One World Trade in the Financial District.

NYC skyline

Sunset Park:

Sunset Park is one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets. Though it’s not as trendy as other parts, there are nevertheless breathtaking views of the New York City skyline.

The neighborhood is named after a hilly, green oasis from which you can see the Southern tip of Manhattan. Without much of a stretch, you can also see the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the harbor.

Brooklyn Heights:

You are surely missing out if you have not yet visited  Brooklyn Bridge Park and the redesigned Piers in Brooklyn Heights. The two classic Brooklyn spots are a sure way to enjoy having a stroll, cooking out for a picnic, or admiring the skyline views. Here, too, they screen movies under the park in the summer. It’s a remarkable sight to have the Manhattan skyline looming behind a projector screen.

To catch the best views of Manhattan requires actually leaving the borough. These three neighborhoods in Brooklyn offer the best views for when you do so. To enjoy the scenes year-round, look no further than Short Term Rentals NYC for help. STRNYC will assist you in finding the perfect apartment in Brooklyn for you, based on your preferences.

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