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July 18, 2017

6 Things to Expect From a Doorman Building

Buildings that offer a doorman are still considered luxury apartments, but the mindset surrounding this amenity is changing. In New York City alone, there are at least 30,000 doormen represented by the Service Employees International Union. However, not all NYC doorman buildings deliver on their promises. Finding one with a great doorman is still, more or less, a luxury commodity. Whether you are renting a condo or standard apartment in NYC, here are 7 things to expect from a doorman building:

Attends the door at all times

Doormen should man the door of an NYC apartment rental at all times. However, it’s common to see the door left unattended. This is a careless move on the doorman’s part. If he does need to be elsewhere because of an emergency, it’s important that the duty is covered by someone else. Being conscious of whether your doorman is present at all hours is an important feature to look for as you search for an NYC apartment with a doorman.


Attitude matters!

When you arrive at your apartment, you want to be greeted politely. Therefore, it is essential for a doorman to greet the residents with a smiling face and a hello. It’s natural to have some days where this isn’t the case, as every doorman is also a person. However, maintaining a level head in those days is what sets a good doorman apart from a bad one.

Lazy is never good

The doorman of a building is expected to open doors for the residents all day. It’s a tedious job, but it’s part of the role’s responsibilities and should therefore be fulfilled at all times. A good doorman will always diligently perform his duty no matter how tiring it gets. Meanwhile, a lazy one might call it quits when the day has been long.

Socializes with everyone

Although it isn’t essential for a doorman to socialize with the residents, it is still important for him to know the names of the residents of the building. This not only develops a certain level of trust, but also helps the doorman keep track of who is home and who is outside – an important security measure. Also, socializing with residents makes the job more enjoyable and is a positive experience for both the doorman and resident.


Receives parcels for the residents

When a package or a parcel for a particular resident arrives at the building, the doormen are in charge of receiving it and making sure the package is delivered to the correct owner. With software like Building Link at management and residents’ disposal, there are fewer chances of error concerning deliveries and other services.

Understands instructions

Sometimes tenants might have to go out of town and have a pet-sitter or someone else stay in their apartments temporarily. In such cases, the doorman should know exactly who has access to the resident’s apartment. They should also keep track of when these temporary guests are coming in and out of the apartment.

Finding a New York City apartment rental with a doorman is easier now more than ever thanks to Short Term Rentals NYC. We have filters ranging from bedroom size to type of rental. We also include a search feature for doorman buildings so you can enjoy the advantages of such an amenity. Perhaps you just want a friendly face to greet you at the door. Maybe you value the safety in knowing someone is always guarding your living space. Regardless of the main reason, renting an apartment in a doorman building in NYC can be the right choice for you.

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