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June 27, 2017

Luxury Apartments Add ‘Experiences’ to Their List of Amenities

Gone are the days when apartments could offer just a few luxury perks like a common lounge or small fitness room. In the highly competitive residential market present now, a luxury apartment cannot sell itself simply on basic amenities. Based on changing expectations from buyers, apartment owners are now taking amenities to the next level by adding luxury experiences to the list.

pool room

Experience the New Amenities

Often, what makes a luxury apartment better than an average rental is the extravagant amenities it offers. Spas, cinema theaters, and even private jet rentals are already being offered in some of the most high-end luxury apartments. Luxury “experience” is a relatively new concept in the world of rentals. Tenants are looking for the best services their high-end apartments offer.

For short-term renters or people looking for an extended vacation, these types of luxury services represent a more appealing solution than hotel rooms. These accommodations offer the best option for an extended stay because they have all the comforts of home, and now unbeatable amenities, .

There are so many options of luxury experiences that apartment companies are now hiring their own event planners. These community managers help organize luxury experiences for the residents. These can include yoga classes, gardening classes, cooking classes, live music, and wine tastings. Other luxury experiences include those that are more catered to outdoor activities.

outdoor patio

The Cost of Luxury

All of these luxury amenities sound great, but they do have a price tag on them. They are often included with rent, but sometimes come at additional cost. There are costly utilities, storage costs, and pricey renter’s insurance. Overall, luxury apartment fees are higher due to the greater amount of services and attractions they offer to tenants. These days, though, your money is buying more than just a rooftop view and in-unit washer/dryer. The introduction of experiences as part of the luxury living package has made the higher costs seem more worthwhile.

Due to such high competition in the national real estate market fact, some mid-range apartments are now offering experiences similar to those offered by luxury apartments. Even better, they’re at a lower price. Though these may not be at the same level or number as true luxury services, they are still appealing and more accessible to renters. However, if you value the lifestyle that includes complimentary morning yoga classes and evening wine tastings, then the complete luxury experience package is the choice for you.

In order to find the luxury apartment with the best experiences, enlisting a rental search service is an ideal solution. They are experts in their field and can direct you to apartments that fulfill your every need. They even include amenities you didn’t know you wanted until they were a part of this ultimate high-life package.

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