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June 15, 2017

The 9 Best Websites and Apps For Finding An Apartment

In the modern era that we live in, technology has made finding your dream apartment a breeze. Instead of going through tons of paperback catalogues, newspaper advertisements, and hunting for apartments by visiting each one, we now have several websites and applications to make finding a no-fee apartment much easier.

1. Apartment Guide

This app is available for both iOs and Android users. Apartment Guide lets you find your dream apartment through a range of 360-degree photos and videos, with informative descriptions of every apartment listed. The app also provides a thorough search filter system so you can narrow down the list to the apartments according to your preference, including luxury apartments and no-fee rentals.


Arguably one of the most comprehensive and useful website for searching for rentals is this website. The website features multiple helpful tools to make your search easier (e.g. price, apartment types, and more). The website also has a Polygon Tool that can help you map out exact search borders. In addition, a unique search option called the ‘Plan Commute’ lets you choose how long you want your commute to be. The website also has an app for both iOS and Android users.

3. CraigsList

If you’ve had an experience of hunting for no-fee rental apartments before, you might have heard of CraigsList. This service has a number of apps on both iOS and Android, and offers a huge number of apartments. The filter options also let you choose between fee or no-fee apartments. However, since the website is so huge, the service is also notorious for scams and duplicate listing.

4. is an app for iOS and Android that lets you search the type of apartment you want (for example short-term, off-housing etc.) The website also offers a handy Map View and many filter options.

5. PadMapper

PadMapper has a default Map view that makes locating apartments easier, and comes with the option of suggesting nearby apartment listings. Additionally, the website provides information from companies such as Airbnb, PadLister, and For Rent to form a comprehensive rental map.


True to its name, this website provides everything working with a real-estate agent has to offer with amazing filter options to help you find the apartment of your dreams, but is all online. The Yelp-powered map on this website also shows buyers the restaurants, shops, and grocery stores nearby.

7. Rent Jungle

Rent Jungle offers a unique Rent Comparison Tool that lets the buyers judge whether the deal they’re getting is fair or not. The website also lets you search exclusively for affordable military housing. Both the iPhone and Android apps are available.

8. Trulia

Dating back as far a 2005, Zillow-owned Trulia has delivered some of best rental-searching features around. The website allows users location-specific information regarding schools, crime, transportation, amenities etc.

9. Zillow

Established in 2006, Zillow offers data on over 110 million homes and stands as one of the top online rental searching engines. Perhaps the most useful feature of Zillow is its ability to find the apartment of your choice in a preferred neighborhood by simply typing in the neighborhood’s zip code. Even better, you can also draw on the map the region that you want to search.

When it comes to your online apartment search, Short Term Rentals NYC is a premier, trusted service provider. We have filters for everything from price range to amenities, and an unbeatable customer support team to make sure you find the apartment you’ve always wanted. With our no-fee policy, you experience the benefits of an agent without the cost as we place you in the perfect NYC apartment.

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