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June 6, 2017

The Best NYC Neighborhoods for Students

New York City has an array of neighborhoods, each with their own unique features. When you’re thinking of finding a place to stay in NYC, you need to narrow the list down according to the ones that cater to your needs. If you’re a student, here are some of the best NYC neighborhoods for students in each borough of the city.


Washington Heights

This northern-most area of Manhattan is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, with a crime index as low as 49. It is also home to a variety of cultures and restaurants, and is generally a more peaceful place to live when compared with downtown Manhattan. If you’re the kind of student who prefers a more peaceful, secure place, Washington Heights might be perfect for you. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable neighborhoods for off campus housing in NYC.


Contrary to the popular belief, Yorkville actually has an exciting nightlife with many bars and restaurants. Also, with its lush green fields and parks, Yorkville is great for outdoor activities. There is one slight drawback, though: Living here can be quite expensive, especially on a student budget.


Crown Heights

This neighborhood situated in the geographical center of NYC is known for its exciting nightlife, parties, and an overall liveliness. It’s a perfect place to stay for any student with a desire for more independence and excitement. However, compared to the neighborhoods we talked about in Manhattan, Crown Heights is not that safe, with a crime index of about 15.6 crimes per 1000 locals.


This affordable neighborhood in Brooklyn is a safe and approachable area to reside. As far as college life goes, Brooklyn College to the south offers a great college vibe. There are also around 700 restaurants in Flatbush alone, so if you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed.



The neighborhood of Woodside is known for its diversity, food, and affordability. Woodside is a wonderful place to find a home in if you’re a student because it has a substantially low crime-index and a vibrant nightlife. There is a huge variety of continental food, too, whether it is Thai, Mexican, Indian etc.

The Bronx


Kingsbridge offers large apartments with spectacular views, and has a low crime rate. What makes the neighborhood stand out, though, is its ample parking facilities if you plan to have a car while in school.

Staten Island

St. George

You might want to consider this NYC neighborhood if you’re a student who enjoys the beach life. The waterfront neighborhood of St. George has access to the ocean and the Staten Island Ferry, which can take you into Manhattan. Though it’s far removed the center of city life, it’s the safest neighborhood in NYC and has its own fair share of attractions.

Within every NYC neighborhood, there are affordable attractions for students. When looking for off-campus housing, though, it’s important to determine which neighborhood can be a viable place to actually reside short term. Short Term Rentals NYC takes these considerations into mind and lets you filter searches that are tailored to students: budget, multi-bedroom, etc.

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