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October 24, 2017

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn: What to Expect

New York City is home to five large neighborhoods, or boroughs, as they are more usually called. Of these, Brooklyn has the highest population density, with an estimated 2.6 million-plus residents, and it is no wonder why so many people are considering moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn provides a safe and more affordable alternative to Manhattan. This is true in ways ranging from cheap NYC rentals to lower costs on groceries. Meanwhile, it still maintains its own distinct culture, unique architectural heritage, and amazing shopping and dining choices.

Though Brooklyn is a highly recommended neighborhood where you can get an affordable NYC apartment, you should prepare yourself for making compromises on a few things. Let’s take a look at some factors that you should consider if moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Getting Around Within Brooklyn Via Public Transit Isn’t Always Convenient

Subways, buses, taxis, cabs, and boats are some of the common modes of transportation in Brooklyn. The transit authorities of NYC make sure that getting around is easy and affordable via public transit, especially subways.

However, you have to spend more time traveling on the subway to get among the different boroughs of Brooklyn. For instance, when you catch the subway from Prospect Heights to Williamsburg, it takes almost an hour to get you there. However, a cab takes only 20-25 minutes for the same journey.


In Manhattan, catching the subway versus taking a car is usually the same amount of time. Sometimes the subway is even the more convenient choice (it’s definitely cheaper!).

You should keep in mind that getting around within Brooklyn via subway is not always convenient. Look for NYC apartment rentals near a subway station or start to prepare to spend money on cabs or private cars.

You Can Find a Bike to Ride Easily in Brooklyn

Long routes and spread out subway stations make traveling with public transport less convenient in Brooklyn. To travel just as cheaply and more quickly, you may require some other modes of transportation.

For those moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the bicycle is becoming increasingly popular. This is thanks to a Citi Bike expansion to different Brooklyn neighborhoods. Not only is a bike ride among the best ways to spend a day in Brooklyn, but also it’s a fast and efficient way to get where you need to go. Now you can easily find a bike at a very affordable rate and enjoy traveling within the borough.

Do Not Expect Your Favorite Pizza Joint to Stay Open Past 11 PM

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that most of Brooklyn doesn’t offer the 24-hour convenience of Manhattan. For example, you cannot enjoy a pizza delivery service after 11 pm in some neighborhoods.

So, if you are a late-night party lover, you should plan ahead to find the spots in the borough that are still open into the wee hours. For morning people, however, there are lots of new restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your early morning coffee.

When you decide to make the move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, look to Short Term Rentals NYC to help you find the Brooklyn apartment rental just right for you. Our unbeatable inventory of Brooklyn apartment listings can be tailored to your specifications and budget. STRNYC makes the entire transition between boroughs easier with the best selection of apartments to meet your needs.


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