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June 29, 2017

9 Affordable Life Hacks For Students in NYC

NYC is ranked among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. This doesn’t necessarily make it accessible to students on a tight budget. While it’s true a lot of NYC activities require a bulging wallet, there are plenty of affordable neighborhood attractions.

Board the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a free service you can use at any time to cruise around the city. While watching the city lights at night, you can also gaze upon the Statue of Liberty, all from the deck of a 24/7 ferry. This is an especially popular activity for the summer months towards the end of second semester. It’s also great just as the school year begins.

Study Outdoors at Bryant Park

For a change of study scenery outside of your dorm room or the library, take your books and laptop to Bryant Park in Midtown. Here, you can get free WiFi for your study session and a beautiful scenic landscape as a bonus.

Hang Out at Shake Shack

Shake Shack is one of the most popular student eateries in NYC. At this local chain, you can buy brainfood (we’ll call it that) at a reasonable price. Also, you can scout out a table at the restaurant for your study sessions. Hit Shake Shack in the mid-afternoon on weekdays to avoid long lines and get some quality studying done. Most of all, you’ll do it all with a constant supply of food.

Rent Cheap, Off-Campus Housing

Finding affordable student housing in NYC isn’t an impossible task. Regardless of your budget, location preferences, and amenity-preferences, there are plenty of online apartment search services and brick-and-mortar rental agencies to help you find the NYC student housing that’s right for you.

Treat Yourself to a $1 Slice

Recently, it was revealed that Americans’ second favorite food is pizza, only behind hamburgers. Sure enough, NYC is brimming with pizzerias. If you search more thoroughly, you’ll find the bargain pizza, too. Pro tip: Try 2 Bros. Pizza or Vinny Vincenz Pizza.

Go Kayaking on the Hudson River

It’s always nice to take a break from studying and paddle across the Hudson River. The kayak service is free to the public. Just check in to The Downtown Boathouse and you’re good to go.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re a student new to NYC, a walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge of NYC is a must-do. Here, you’ll love the views, and then you can enjoy all that Brooklyn has to offer across the bridge.

Get Your Grocery Done From Trader Joe’s

When you’re a student in NYC, you may think you need to limit grocery shopping because of a tight budget. However, at Trader Joe’s you can get reasonably-priced items. However, be prepared to stand in long queues when you enter the store.

Take a Stroll Across The High Line

The High Line winds over Manhattan and is always free to the public. Take a stroll above the busy streets of the city and view the city from above with this unique, elevated park.

Being a student in NYC doesn’t mean you need to limit your activities due to a tight budget. There is plenty to do and see here, which becomes even easier to access from affordable off-campus housing. An apartment search service can help you find cheap student housing, letting you take advantage of all New York City has to offer.

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